4 Things You Should Know About Background Checks as an Employer

As a business owner, you have most probably hired someone in the past that you wished you didn’t. Sometimes people oversell themselves or blatantly lie on their CV’s. And, firing them is not as easy or straightforward as one might think. 

If you had taken the time to do a thorough background check, you’d have known that they weren’t a good fit for your business. But you won’t make the same mistake again. Not when there are companies who offer in-depth background checks that are more than happy to help you develop a system that works for your company.

If you’ve ever wondered how background checks work, below are some things you might not have known.

A Global Database for Criminal Background Checks for Employment Doesn’t Exist

One of the biggest misconceptions about criminal background checks is that there is one big database that carries all criminal records filed in a country. It couldn’t be any further from the truth. Criminal records are spread across various databases, making it much more complex than just typing a name into a program and hitting enter.

There Are Various Types of Background Checks, Not Just Criminal History Checks

When you hear the term “background checks”, you instantly think of “criminal history”. But it doesn’t stop there. You can do credit history checks, sex offender registry checks, driving record checks, employment history checks and more. You can select the type of checks to run on potential employees, but you might want to go beyond criminal history. 

You Can’t Use Social Media for Background Checks

Contrary to popular belief, looking up your applicant on social media doesn’t count as a legitimate background check since it won’t qualify as due diligence. If your applicant commits a crime, it won’t save you from liability you might have predicted with a lawful check.

A Background Check Can Be Used to Identify Inaccurate Information on CV’s

Without doing a thorough background check, you’ll never know if the info provided by an applicant is accurate. Candidates are willing to give false information to improve their chances of getting hired. A private investigator can offer verification checks that will allow you to find out the truth and hire the right person that’s honest and perfect for the job.

Spending money on background checks for prospective employees will save your business from hiring dishonest individuals who might steal from you or cause unnecessary drama and politics. 

More benefits of employee background checks:

  • Maintain the quality of your hiring practices and provide employees with a secure workplace
  • Reduce recruitment costs by hiring the right employee the first time around
  • Maintain compliance and protect your business from unnecessary risks, fees, fines and lawsuits
  • Ensure workplace safety with capable and trustworthy employees

Make sure to use a reputable private investigator for your background reports to ensure they are legitimate, thorough and can be delivered quickly.