Take a proactive approach to leak detection

Water leaks can waste a lot more water than you may think, wastage which we can ill afford, either financially or globally, especially with water shortages predicted in the not too distant future.

One can’t help but dread the mess that fixing a water leak can cause, however, with the sophisticated leak detection equipment used by plumbers today, leaks are no longer the headache that they once were.

You may have leaks that you are unaware of, but that are causing you to use more water than necessary, leading to extra charges on your water bill.

If you’d like to make absolutely sure that you don’t have any leaks hiding behind walls, in basements, under roots or in irrigation systems, you can save money and even greater problems in the future, by contacting a trusted plumber to carry out a leak detection inspection.

Choose leak detection experts

You really do need to rely on an expert in leak detection to carry out the inspection, especially when the source of the leak is difficult to find, and, the equipment used in leak detection is obviously going to depend on where the leak is.

Without using the right equipment, the leak will go on causing damage until it becomes a really big problem that’ll require serious attention to repair, which is why it’s essential to work with a plumber experienced in leak detection, and who uses the latest equipment available.

The right leak detection equipment does it best!

To get to the root of the problem, an expert will use a variety of methods and types of equipment to locate the origin of a leak, some of which include thermal, acoustic or pressure electronic moisture detection.

Finding the source of the leak this way saves you time and money, as this specialised equipment is designed to get to the cause of the leak quickly, so that the repair process can then begin.

Minimise disruption to your property

Pinpointing water leaks this quickly minimises disruption to your property and routine, and, once an inspection has been done, with all leaks repaired, you’ll find that there’ll be a difference in your water bill next time around.

Most of South Africa has major areas that are battling severe droughts, which means that every drop of water counts, and, as the climate changes, these droughts have spread to areas that previously never experienced water shortages.

Take a proactive approach to leak detection!

This makes it well worthwhile investing in leak detection before you find water spouting out of pipes in and around your home or business, ensuring that you’re saving water and saving money on what could become even more expensive problems in the future.

If you have borehole water that leads from a tank to an irrigation system, leaks easily become a problem, especially with pipes that run under the ground. You’ll be saving a lot of water, time and money by contacting your plumber to carry out leak detection services on a regular basis.

Don’t wait for a leak to become a flood; contact your local leak detection specialist today, to take a proactive approach to lowering your water bill and saving water for the future!