Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring a Software Developer in Sydney


Software developers are the backbone of any growing business. Whether you are a startup or a large company trying to overhaul its digital presence, you need an efficient Software Developer. But as easy as it is to get started on your next great project, finding the right developer can be a challenge. If you are new to the process and unfamiliar with common terminology or best practices, then you need to hire a Software Development Company. 

Before hiring a developer, you need to know this subject. Following is a simple guide for you.

Software Development Company

A software development company is an organization that provides software development services. They offer services in one or more of the following areas: mobile apps, web apps, desktop applications, IoT (internet of things), business applications, and database management systems.

A software development company aims to help clients achieve their business goals by providing them with custom-made software solutions.

Qualities of a Good Software Development Company

  • They should have sound knowledge of their field
  • They must possess excellent communication skills
  • They should have s passion to upgrade their knowledge, and
  • They should believe in learning new techniques and the latest development in the field
  • They should be able to suggest new ideas and tools to your team

Who is a software developer?

A software developer is a person who writes computer programs that people use to perform tasks on a computer. Software developers are also known as programmers, coders, and software engineers. They may also be called web developers or system administrators if they work with websites or other systems used by many people.

Software developers work with computer programmers to create applications that people can use to perform tasks on a computer. If you want someone to design the look of your official website, the software developer might do it for you. If you want someone who can write an app for your phone or tablet so that it integrates with Facebook and Twitter, then the software developer could do that too!

What you should know before hiring a software developer

Following are some facts and tips that will help you get the best software developer for your project.

Ask the Right Questions

  1. How experienced are they? If you’re looking to hire a developer, it’s important to find out how many years of experience they have in their field. A good rule of thumb is to hire someone with experience. So, they won’t be learning on the job and making costly mistakes or spending too much time learning about what they should be doing.
  2. What type of software do they specialize in? You should ask what kind of software they specialize in. Their technical skills must be able to provide you with the best possible service and help your company grow.
  3. Do they have a portfolio? The best way to see what kind of work someone has done is by looking at their portfolio. This will give you an idea of their abilities and how well they can apply them in real-world situations.
  4. What types of clients have they worked with in the past? More clients mean more tasks. You can learn more about a developer’s work by looking at their previous clients and what kind of projects they have done.
  5. Have they worked with companies similar to yours? You want a developer with experience in your industry and who understands how your business operates. They should understand your need and market trends.
  6. How much do they charge? Pricing is important. But, it shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a developer.

Cost to Hire a Software Developer – The Market Rate

As a developer, your cost to hire will depend on several factors. The most decisive factors are skill level, experience, and availability. The cost of hiring a software developer depends on: 

  • The length of the project
  • The nature of the project

What is My Budget?

Your budget will determine the type of software developer you can hire. A senior full-stack software engineer with extensive experience in a particular domain might cost more than an entry-level front-end designer, but their output and skill level are also much higher.

Duration of Projects

All projects are different, so it is impossible to say how long your project will take. Some general guidelines can help you understand the process and make better decisions about the resources you need to hire.

If you are working on a simple project like designing an official website, it will not need expensive tools and high-skilled professionals. But, If you are working on a complex project, then it could take longer weeks. The pricing also depends on the time and nature of the project.

Should I Hire someone in-house or a Freelancer?

There are three main ways to hire a software developer.

  • In-house
  • Freelancer
  • Software development Company or agency

Each has its pros and cons. It entirely depends on the nature of the tasks you have for the developers.


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professional board meetings
Professional Board Meeting Services from Kilgetty

If getting prepared for board meetings is costing you too much time and getting you tied up in red tape, then the professional board services on offer from Kilgetty Statutory Services will be a welcome relief to you.

A majority of companies have found that it is far more efficient and cost-effective to have this team come in and assist with everything it takes to set up successful, well-run board meetings or shareholder meetings.

The team at Kilgetty is available to support you from the initial planning of your board meeting, for the duration and after the meeting, to make sure that actionable issues that come up in the meeting are followed up the right way.

Kilgetty will provide you with a complete outsourced company secretarial function to meet all your needs for Board meetings and Shareholder meetings, carrying out all the duties that is expected of a company secretary.

What can Kilgetty do to assist with Board Services

As one of the leading company secretarial firms in South Africa, with experience in a broad range of industries, along with acting as the company secretarial service provider to clients of the “Big 4” auditing practices and some of the largest legal practices countrywide, this team brings streamlined professionalism to your board meetings.

Aside from cutting costs, outsourcing board services assures you of having a team on your side that you can rely on to pay attention to all the details involved in presenting a professional, engaging board meeting, which will get to the heart of the most important issues affecting your business.

Your registered Company Secretary outsourced from Kilgetty will work with the CEO of your company to compile the Board Meeting Agenda.

Once this is done, the Board Agenda will be compiled and the Board packs collated for circulation to all Board members and attendees. These Board packs can be presented in IPad software enabled format, printed or electronic format, depending on which is best suited for members and attendees.

Kilgetty Board Support services will see to the compilation of the Board meeting attendance register and attendance at the Board meeting, as well as compiling the minutes of the meeting.

If an action list stems from the Board meeting, the team at Kilgetty will follow up with management with regards to completion of these actionable items.

Outsourcing all your Company Secretarial Services allows you to focus on running and growing your business, without being held back by vital business functions that distract from that main focus.

It’s about having someone professional on your side to carry the weight of preparing well for these important meetings, and being able to rely on them to see to it that the Board meeting runs smoothly from start to finish.

Company Secretary Support Services from Kilgetty

You’ll find that Kilgetty is in the position to assist you with all the services you would expect of a Company Secretary, including Public Officer Services and all the tax-related functions expected of this position, payroll processing, SARS registration, CIPC Compliance and more.

Contact Kilgetty today to find out more about what this top team can do to get you ready for your next Board Meeting or Shareholders Meeting!

4 Things You Should Know About Background Checks as an Employer

As a business owner, you have most probably hired someone in the past that you wished you didn’t. Sometimes people oversell themselves or blatantly lie on their CV’s. And, firing them is not as easy or straightforward as one might think. 

If you had taken the time to do a thorough background check, you’d have known that they weren’t a good fit for your business. But you won’t make the same mistake again. Not when there are companies who offer in-depth background checks that are more than happy to help you develop a system that works for your company.

If you’ve ever wondered how background checks work, below are some things you might not have known.

A Global Database for Criminal Background Checks for Employment Doesn’t Exist

One of the biggest misconceptions about criminal background checks is that there is one big database that carries all criminal records filed in a country. It couldn’t be any further from the truth. Criminal records are spread across various databases, making it much more complex than just typing a name into a program and hitting enter.

There Are Various Types of Background Checks, Not Just Criminal History Checks

When you hear the term “background checks”, you instantly think of “criminal history”. But it doesn’t stop there. You can do credit history checks, sex offender registry checks, driving record checks, employment history checks and more. You can select the type of checks to run on potential employees, but you might want to go beyond criminal history. 

You Can’t Use Social Media for Background Checks

Contrary to popular belief, looking up your applicant on social media doesn’t count as a legitimate background check since it won’t qualify as due diligence. If your applicant commits a crime, it won’t save you from liability you might have predicted with a lawful check.

A Background Check Can Be Used to Identify Inaccurate Information on CV’s

Without doing a thorough background check, you’ll never know if the info provided by an applicant is accurate. Candidates are willing to give false information to improve their chances of getting hired. A private investigator can offer verification checks that will allow you to find out the truth and hire the right person that’s honest and perfect for the job.

Spending money on background checks for prospective employees will save your business from hiring dishonest individuals who might steal from you or cause unnecessary drama and politics. 

More benefits of employee background checks:

  • Maintain the quality of your hiring practices and provide employees with a secure workplace
  • Reduce recruitment costs by hiring the right employee the first time around
  • Maintain compliance and protect your business from unnecessary risks, fees, fines and lawsuits
  • Ensure workplace safety with capable and trustworthy employees

Make sure to use a reputable private investigator for your background reports to ensure they are legitimate, thorough and can be delivered quickly.