Paving Pretoria – Ready for Your Next Paving Project?

If you’re planning any paving project, then the best place to start would be with the leading paving company in Pretoria, namely Techno Pave! As a trusted, reliable name in the paving industry in Gauteng, from the East Rand to the West Rand, you can be assured of service delivery that meets with every standard of excellence.

This means that you can trust these paving experts to keep your best interests front and center, delivering quality workmanship and products at affordable prices, which helps to make the investment in paving a little less strenuous on your budget.

What to look for in a paving contractor?

Company stability & reputation

The stability and growth of any paving company over a period of many years, is one of the first indications that you’re headed in the right direction for quality paving.

This stability and growth has to be accompanied by a sterling reputation, one which has remained consistent and unwavering, which is exactly what Jacques Barlow and his team has achieved since starting out in 1999.

With these 20-plus years’ worth of experience under the belt, Techno Pave brings everything you could possibly need for exceptional paving in Pretoria to the table.

Expert workmanship

Techno Pave is at the forefront of paving projects that range from those for the residential market, to those that include paving for schools, churches and commercial projects for shopping malls, hospitals, construction companies, security complexes and more, as well as larger civil contracts for industrial purposes.

It takes real skill to deliver a complete cross-section of paving projects, both great and small, which results in the expert workmanship that has become synonymous with the name of Techno Pave.

This is about paving designed and installed to last, without leaving you to spend a fortune on repairs year after year!

Service delivery on time

If there’s one thing you want when it comes to a project like paving, which can be somewhat of a disruption on your property, it’s to be able to trust that your paving contractor will start and finish the project as promised!

This is the level of service you can expect with owner of Techno Pave, Jacques Barlow, involved in every project, taking the hands-on kind of approach that assures you of a project completed on time, every time!

Techno Pave is about more than just paving!

Because Techno Pave customers are so satisfied with the quality and service delivered by these experts, the services offered by Jacques and his teams has had to extend to more than just paving.

Some of these extended services include kerbing, tarring of surfaces, steel fencing and car ports, which serves to underpin the reputation for excellence that is so highly valued by Techno Pave.

If you’re looking for quality, affordable paving in Pretoria, delivered by a trusted team of professionals you can rely on from drawing board to completion of your paving project, then contact Techno Pave today for a free quotation!

Find out more about what this leading paving company in Pretoria can do to beautify and upgrade your property with stunning paving, before heading anywhere else!