What should you get for your employees, clients, coworkers and vendors? Find out if corporate gifts are appropriate.

Corporate gifts are widely used in business. There is an old adage that says, “It is better to give than to receive.” Corporate gifts can range from flowers and chocolates for employees on special occasions such as the company anniversary, to more substantial items of office equipment or even supplies. Gifts are often used by companies to promote a general feeling of goodwill and to influence both current and potential employees.

There are many reasons for giving corporate gifts: appreciation, goodwill, promotion of business relationships and motivation. Gifts can be given as a token of appreciation to existing employees or clients. This includes sending flowers or an appreciative note on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and graduations. In addition, many companies send gifts at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Goodwill corporate gifts

Goodwill corporate gifts are given to build business relationships with new clients or suppliers. For example, a supplier that has just won a contract may be invited to an exclusive dinner as a token of appreciation from the company it supplies to. The goal of goodwill corporate gift-giving is to increase future business dealings between two companies.

Motivational corporate gifts

Motivational corporate gifts are provided to employees as a reward for good work. Many businesses give gift certificates from popular stores or restaurants to employees who have done particularly well, or promoted them when they reach a certain level of performance within the company. In addition, many companies choose to give expensive gifts such as laptops or mobile phones to their top performers.

Business gifts

Business gifts are generally used to reward or motivate employees, but not all gifts are appropriate. Personal items such as chocolates, flowers and even gift certificates for restaurants may be given to clients and customers, but certain gifts should never be presented by businesses. Although many companies choose to send thank you gifts following a job interview, expensive items such as laptops, mobile phones or even flowers are generally not appropriate.

Corporate gifts are widely used for employees, clients and suppliers. Make sure your business is using this marketing strategy effectively by ensuring you have the right corporate gift supplier working on your behalf. Gift giving will not only motivate your employees but also increase productivity in all areas of your company.


If you are looking for the perfect corporate gift, it is important to find out what your employees, clients and coworkers want. Some people prefer more practical gifts like a laptop or desk lamp while others might enjoy something that has sentimental value such as framed photos of their family. The key to using this marketing strategy effectively is making sure you have the right supplier on your side who can help provide these types of gifts at an affordable price. We offer personalized services where we work with our customers in order to create custom items specially designed for them!